Brent Baerg

- Calgary, AB

If you asked me several years ago to compete in track cycling wearing spandex going 60-70kms per hour I would have told you you're being completely ridiculous. After some persuasion from Steve saying it would be super fun (hard grueling fun) and actually riding the velodrome I was pretty much hooked.

Not only has it been fun but very rewarding, the training and coaching that Steve has personally provided to me has been beyond anything I ever imagined, he has brought me to an athletic level that I never could have achieved on my own, with ultimately no cycling experience to winning provincial medals at the velodrome, it has been quite the journey. Trust me there has been times that I just wanted to quit but the motivation Steve gives when you're down, beat up and tired, is the best you could ever receive.

Since training with Steve and having him as my coach I have competed in several track cycling events starting in 2012 and coming away with a win. Thus far my races have been the following:

Masters A
2012 - Provincial Track Championships - Flying 200, 1st Place, 2012 - Provincial Track Championships - Keirin race, 3rd Place

Masters A
2013 - Provincial Track Championships – Flying 200, 1st Place, 2013 - Provincial Track Championships – Match Sprint, 1st Place, 2013 - Provincial Track Championships – 500m Sprint, 1st Place, 2013 - Provincial Track Championships – Keirin race, 1st Place

Masters A
2014 - Provincial Track Championships – Flying 200, 1st Place, 2014 - Provincial Track Championships – Match Sprint, 1st Place, 2014 - Provincial Track Championships – Kilo race, 1st Place, 2014 - Provincial Track Championships – Keirin race, 1st Place

Canadian National Championships
Match sprints - Silver
Time trial kilo - Bronze
Keirin race - Bronze

2015 Canadian National Championships
Match sprints - Silver
Time trial kilo - Bronze
Keirin race - Bronze

2016 Canadian National Championships
Match Sprints - Gold
Time Trial Kilo - Gold
200m Sprint - New Canadian Record!

With each year I feel I am getting faster and stronger with Steve pushing me to my absolute limits, including getting me to a personal best of a 515lb squat. My goal is to race in the National Track Championships in 2015 and maybe even World Track Championships in a few years. The expertise and consistent knowledge Steve provides about strength training and conditioning during off season and getting ready for races is by far the best you could ask for. He is supportive and encouraging but extremely tough when you need it the most and he won't let you down.

If you want it bad enough you can accomplish it, you are just going to need an extreme athlete/trainer like Steve to bring out the beast in you, to get you out of your comfort zone and push you past your limits that you thought were impossible. I've been friends with Steve and trained alongside him for years and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Kwesi Browne

- Trinidad


  • Goals: This was my first year as a senior my main goal was to lower my personal best in the flying 200m.
  • Times: From 11.3s to 10.6s
  • Major Results: 4th in the keirin event at the uci grand prix in Italy


  • Goals: To lower my personal best and collect as many points as i can to qualify for the UCI world cups
  • Times: At altitude from 10.7s to 10.0s
  • Major Results: 3rd in the keirin event at the uci grand prix in Pennsylvania, 2nd in the keirin event at uci grand prix in colorado springs and los angeles, 3rd in the keirin event at the Central America and Caribbean Games in Veracruz Mexico, 9th in the keirin event at the uci world cup in guadalajara mexico.


  • Goals: To lower my personal best and collect as many points as i can to qualify for the UCI world cups
  • Times : From 10.6s to 10.4s
  • Major Results this far: 3rd and 4th in the keirin event at the uci grand prix in Pennsylvania, 2nd in the keirin event at the uci grand prix in Canada


  • 2016 Pan Am Games - Bronze
  • National Championship Titles, Keiren and Sprint

He is a national team rider for Trinidad and an Olympic hopeful.

Just competed at the world cycling championships in Los Angeles California:

  • 3 x 500m sprint Gold
  • 2 x keirin Gold
  • 1000m sprint Gold, 2x Silver

Next up is national championships is Trinidad.

Missy Erickson

- Los Angeles, CA

2014-2016 Goals:

  • 2016 Olympian
  • Top 5 World Cup
  • World Championships Medal
  • Pan Am Games Champion
  • Pan Am Champion
  • US Flying 200m Record
  • US Elite National Champion

Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, minor in coaching - Fort Lewis College

2013 Elite 500m National Champion
2013 Elite Team Sprint National Champion
National Record Holder in Team Sprint
2x Track Record Holder
2013 National Track Calendar Overall Sprint Champion

Training towards Rio 2016 Olympic Games for Team USA

Total 2 years racing track
#1 Ranked US Female Track Athlete
Rider for US National Team and Momentum Coaching Group p/b Atomic High Performance

Alissa Maglaty

- California

I was introduced to the sport of track cycling in 2009, and it was love at first sight. At the beginning I competed in every road and track race in Northern California I could fit into each weekend, learning the finer points of racing and what I excelled at, even though I knew, deep down, that I loved the track the most, and as my dad very smartly put it, "you aren't built for going up hill!"

In 2011 I decided I'd had enough of the road and wanted to focus on being a sprinter on the track. I have always been a fast-twitch power athlete, and I loved the thrill of the cat and mouse games of the sprint. After a development camp with the US National Team Coach, I moved to Portland, Ore. to train with a new coach, to build speed and power, as well as learn the art of match sprinting.

Hard work does pay off, and this spring I was presented with an opportunity to move to Los Angeles, Calif. to train with a new coach and another female sprinter to fine tune our team sprint for US Elite National Championships. A summer full of travel and racing brought exciting news as we were also selected to represent the USA as the female sprinters at the 2014 Pan American Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Wearing the colors of our flag at an international competition has been a goal of mine since the beginning and to have it come true was very sweet.

I had just started to work with Steve before leaving for Mexico, and his positive text messages kept my nerves at bay. I rode all new personal bests, took 11th place in the Keirin, and learned a great deal about racing at the international level. When you know that you have the best coaches, that they believe in you and want to help you achieve your goals, it supports and encourages your own belief in yourself.

Now that I am back in LA and starting to train for the 2015 season with my sights on World Cup races and a new year of collecting points toward qualifying for the Olympics, I know I have the best strength coach for the job. Sprinting is all about speed, power and being explosive, and even just a couple weeks of training with Steve has me feeling stronger as a whole. I can tell that I am about to be fitter than I've ever been in my entire life, and ten times the athlete.

My overall goals have remained the same since the beginning. I work every day toward the end goal of walking into the velodrome at the Olympics, wearing the red white and blue of the USA. Along the way to that dream, it's the process of meeting smaller goals that makes the journey complete. Wearing team USA kit for the first time this year at the Pan American Championships was an amazing experience, and I look forward to the rest of the journey, one left turn at a time!

Kyle Kato

- Iowa

I'm originally from Iowa and I started out on a local triathlon team. I won a few races, but didn't really like it and switched to cycling. I did well in local/regional races, eventually upgrading to cat 2 on the road. I was good at sprinting on the road and I've always wanted to try track, so I graduated high school in December and moved out to California in January 2015. I met Travis in February and started training with him for sprinting. I won a cat 1,2,3 scratch race on the track though one of the LA Velodrome races in my first ever race day on the track.

I went to the Junior ICQ and got 2nd in the match sprints, 1st in the team sprint, and 5th in the Keirin. This qualified me for the US Junior Worlds Team but I decided not to go due the expense. Hopefully in a week and a half I will also be able to add junior national champion on the track as well.

I haven't raced much on the track so if you need more results from my road racing I can get that. Also these are all of the pictures that I personally have of my cycling, but I can get more online or from my parents if you need them!

Misti Sayani

- Calgary, AB

Running 100 km thru the mountains seemed like an unfathomable task – a goal so far away and unreachable that the thought was a mere mental whisper. Could I do it? Was I crazy to even try?

I had just celebrated my 39th birthday and wanted to achieve something big in my 40th year. I wanted a goal that was only for me, about me, something that would force me to push myself so far beyond my comfort zone, to see what I could achieve, how hard and far I could push my body.

Webster's defines a mentor as "a trusted counselor or guide." This is what I needed if I was going to ever dream of running 100km. Someone who would be able to plant my feet on the ground whilst pushing me beyond my conceived limits, but also someone I could trust to keep me safe, someone who could get me back on track when the eventual self doubt crept in and someone who would personally understand what I was going thru with the training.

I was already training with Steve when with some trepidation I brought up the idea of signing up for an ultra marathon. I knew I would never be able to do it on my own, having only ever run a half marathon, I really didn't know how to even begin to build up towards that daunting number, but Steve was instantly on it. He said we would need a year and that it would be grueling and that I would want to give up but that he wouldn't give up on me so quitting wasn't going to be an option.

We set our sights on the 125 km North Face Canadian Death Race 3 weeks after my 40th birthday. He wasn't wrong. There was a lot of sweat, a lot of swearing, some blood and many days where Steve had to literally pick me up off the floor crying. Each time he reminded of why we had started this journey together. Who I was doing this for and that no matter what – I had the strength and I had the courage to keep going. Each time I believed him a little bit more.

The training runs were done, the miles were plentiful and it didn't seem to take very long until I was standing on the starting line with over 4500km under my belt, awaiting the gun shot that signaled the start of the race. It was a typical Canadian Prairies day, early morning chill burning off to a blazing afternoon and then the worst possible situation – hail, rain and thunderstorms. The muddy conditions had wreaked havoc on my feet and hypothermia eventually put me out at 103km, 22km from the finish line. I had failed, but I had given everything I had and we learned the lesson that no matter what – Mother Nature has the last laugh.

I came home and Steve and I talked. My feet were in rough shape but my training had held up and I felt good. I knew I had the distance in me and I wanted another shot at finishing. We decided that I would sign up for the Lost Souls 100km race 4 weeks out and just hope my feet would have time to heal. Steve put together a program to keep my body in form but also give it a chance to recover. I poured over the course and switched gears to training in the heat of the day. We went over my nutrition plan and how I was going to deal with staying hydrated when parts of the course would be well about the 30 C mark. Again it wasn't long before I was standing in the early morning chill awaiting my second chance.

It was a tougher course than I had thought and when thunderheads started to threaten in the distance I had moments of panic, not wanting a repeat of the hypothermia I had experienced before. But Mother Nature held her tongue and the clouds at bay and with a time of 17 hours 39mins at just after 1:30am I crossed the finish line of my first 100km ultra-marathon!

Today the unfathomable isn't just a crazy whisper, or whimsical what if. With Steve, I know that I can complete anything I pour my heart into. I know how far my body can go, how far I can push my mind and I know it is limitless what I can achieve.

Jodi Bearg

- Hawaii

I started training with Steve in May 2014. A couple months prior to that, I did my first sprint triathlon and wanted to improve. To begin with, my goals were to better my level of fitness and physique; maybe do another triathlon, but didn't plan to race much. After working together, thinking about and discussing goals, I realized that with his help, I had the potential to train hard, compete, and push my body past limits I'd known so far.

I needed goals to motivate the training. I signed up for another triathlon, the Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon, a half marathon and a 100 mile bike ride, the Honolulu Century Ride; all in September. Followed by a full marathon in December, the Honolulu Marathon (my first!).


Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon (women only): swim 500m, bike 12mi, run 3.1mi
Placement: 6/131 overall Top 5%
1/13 division - F 25-29 1st place!

Maui Half Marathon: 13.1 miles
Placement: 111/1145 overall Top 10%
30/716 female finishers Top 4%
3/77 division - F 25-29 3rd place!

Honolulu Century Ride: 100 mile ride, not a race/not timed
Personal time: 6:30 total, 5:48 ride time

Honolulu Marathon: 26.2 miles
Placement: 1439/21815 overall Top 6%
283/10308 female finishers Top 3%
34/1332 division - F 25-29 Top 2.5%

I am now training for a half Ironman. The Honu Ironman 70.3, Hawaii, May 2015. I can't believe I've come this far in less than a year! I have seen great improvements in my fitness; a faster running pace, stronger cycling and can now swim further than ever before.

The training is tough but it's preparing me. Steve knows how to push individuals. He understands allowing the body enough time to adapt to a further distance or faster pace and then raises the level when it's appropriate. I have had no injuries throughout my training; of course some days are harder than others but I see the changes and feel the strength. Training with Steve has been an amazing experience and I'm excited to see what, with his help, I can accomplish.

An interesting fact about working with Steve is that he's my long distance coach, in more ways than one. I'm currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii. A lot of people are baffled by the fact that my trainer doesn't live close/train with me, but it works really well. I'm on a rotating schedule at my job, I can't stick to a regular training regimen week in and week out. I get a monthly training plan where I can see the workouts in advance and plan accordingly around my schedule. After every workout, we discuss what I did. I send him pictures from my phone app that records my rides and runs, write down all the weights I'm lifting and tell him how the swims go. This way he's in tune with my progress. We talk about how it felt, tells me if I need to lift more, he knows when I have tough days and when the training feels good; anytime I have questions I just shoot him a text. I use the internet to help me with form on exercises I've never performed and ask him for explanations as well. I love the freedom and versatility with this training plan and rely on Steve fully. He's had me ready for every race and whenever I'm struggling, he's supportive, encouraging but also tough and doesn't let me quit when I can do more.

If you want results and are willing to put in the work, Steve will help get you there. My next goal after completing an Ironman 70.3... A full Ironman. 140.6 mile triathlon. All in a days work. What I thought could only ever be a dream, is now becoming my reality.

Brianne Allen

- Calgary, AB

Steve has been my trainer since November 2011. Originally started training one time a week and ambitiously increased that to two times a week including a full program.

He got me into amazing shape for my wedding in 2012 and thanks to him I finished top 10% in my age category in my first half marathon. I'm so much stronger and consistently improving. Steve's programs and sessions are always challenging and full of variety, ensuring I never plateau. Training with Steve is single handedly one of the best investments I've made in regards to my health and well being.

Aron Seiken

- Los Angeles, CA

I am a masters track/velodrome sprinter. My events are the match sprint, 500m time trial and team sprint. I started using Steve as my strength/power coach in May 2014. He coordinated my program with my track coach, including the necessary periodization.

Steve's program was significantly different from other track cycling programs that I had used. The program includes the normal strength/power lifts but also a significant portion of the program is for my specific sport.

The program is hard but is consistent with my goals. My strength and power increases have been consistently increasing since I started using Steve, as evidenced by my power meter readings and PB's on the track and in the gym.

I improved to 2nd in both the match sprints and 500m TT at the US Masters Nationals in August, 2014. At Masters worlds in October, 2014, I set PB's in the flying 200m and 500m TT and improved to 3rd in the match sprint from 10th the previous year. I plan to win the match sprints at both the US nationals and worlds in 2015.

Our team won the team sprint at Nationals, but we knew that we had to step up our game for Worlds. I went third at Worlds, a position that I had never ridden before. The secret is to ride the largest gear that you can and still get on the starter, and then have the power to push the larger gear on the last lap. In the finals, we executed properly and won by just over a second. Steve's program was crucial to having the power to get on the starter and power the last lap.

Anne-Brit Ericksen

- Calgary, AB

After training hard for three years with Steve I knew that I needed and wanted more. I knew that I had to overcome my fear and get back on my track bike and I knew that I was not willing to do it alone. Steve has always believed in me more then I have ever believed in myself as an athlete. We decided that together we should do Master World Track Championships. I was terrified of failing yet crazy excited to get back on my bike.

August 2012 the journey began. I spent endless hours on my bike and in the gym training hard for October. My first day back on the track I can't explain to you the emotions I had running thru me. What it meant to me to be where I was and to have a coach that no matter what was there to push and believe in me. We spent many hours together on that track some great some not so great but always Steve was there to support me.

Every month we worked together to make my body and mind the strongest it has ever been. Every goal that he set out for me I achieved. I was able to increase my squat from 210 to 350! And take a second off my 500tt time.

I was strong fast and ready to race. Steve's coaching abilities were truly instrumental in my success. He is one of the most innovated people I have ever come across. His knowledge of the physical body and his desire to keep learning new and creative ways to train/coach people is what makes him the best out there.

I went to worlds and I placed third in the 500tt. When I was on the podium and they were raising the Canadian flag all I kept thinking was, "WE DID IT!"

Whatever you are looking for in a coach I know that Steve can take you there. He will push you and believe in you and yes he will get you up on that podium if you want it bad enough..

The track shoes well they have been hung up for good. My next adventure is a 400km Mt bike stage race in Nepal 2015 and I know that Steve will be right there with me pushing me to be my best but most important believing in me.

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