I started my training with Steve in 2010 to get a better hold on my health and fitness, as my weight spiralled out of control during my first year in University. We started off building strength and establishing a small cardio base. One day, Steve gave me some boxing gloves and told me we were going to "hit pads" today. From that point on that's all we did; I was hooked. We started hitting pads about 3 times a week for a straight hour. That was a huge accomplishment for me! After a few months of hitting, Steve encouraged me to participate in a tournament. After that tournament, I knew that this is the sport I wanted to compete in.

I started at a Muay Thai gym in 2011, training 4 -5 nights a week. During this time, I took a break from training with Steve as all my focus was in Muay Thai. Although my cardio was in top shape, all the strength I had built up with Steve was slowly withering away. After my first few fights, I started to face tougher and stronger opponents and I did not feel strong enough to face them. This is when I commenced my training back with Steve; but this time it was different because I was a competitive athlete. The programs were more intense, the cardio was more intense, but I felt a difference in the ring. Steve not only "coaches" but he's also a great pillar of support. In fighting, there are so many different emotions that I go through on a weekly bases: managing my weight, struggling to get all my workouts in, I don't feel strong enough or fast enough or good enough to compete, etc. Steve ALWAYS gets my thinking back on track and it so supportive. That's a quality in a coach that I have not come across in a long time and it really helps my confidence and performance.

Also, a big part of fighting is weight management. I have always struggled with maintaining my weight, which is crucial in the sport I am in. Steve sent me to get help from Christina James. She is amazing to work with. She went over all the previous meal plans that I had been on and after sitting down and chatting she came up with a meal plan for me. Every week we touch base and talk about my week and how I felt. I give her my feedback and she tweaks the plan. I make sure that I communicate with her if I have any fights coming up and let her know how much weight I have to drop (or sustain). The plans have really helped me with my energy during the day and through my work outs. When I decided to become vegan, Christina helped me transition properly and she made sure that I was eating enough for the types of work outs I was doing. I think I would be a nutritional mess without Christina's help! With the combined efforts of Steve and Christina working together, there has been an even bigger difference in my performance and training.

I can't wait to see where my training with Steve will take me in the coming years. But for now, let's focus and crush some weights!!!

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