I'm originally from Iowa and I started out on a local triathlon team. I won a few races, but didn't really like it and switched to cycling. I did well in local/regional races, eventually upgrading to cat 2 on the road. I was good at sprinting on the road and I've always wanted to try track, so I graduated high school in December and moved out to California in January 2015. I met Travis in February and started training with him for sprinting. I won a cat 1,2,3 scratch race on the track though one of the LA Velodrome races in my first ever race day on the track.

I went to the Junior ICQ and got 2nd in the match sprints, 1st in the team sprint, and 5th in the Keirin. This qualified me for the US Junior Worlds Team but I decided not to go due the expense. Hopefully in a week and a half I will also be able to add junior national champion on the track as well.

I haven't raced much on the track so if you need more results from my road racing I can get that. Also these are all of the pictures that I personally have of my cycling, but I can get more online or from my parents if you need them!

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