I started training with Steve in May 2014. A couple months prior to that, I did my first sprint triathlon and wanted to improve. To begin with, my goals were to better my level of fitness and physique; maybe do another triathlon, but didn't plan to race much. After working together, thinking about and discussing goals, I realized that with his help, I had the potential to train hard, compete, and push my body past limits I'd known so far.

I needed goals to motivate the training. I signed up for another triathlon, the Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon, a half marathon and a 100 mile bike ride, the Honolulu Century Ride; all in September. Followed by a full marathon in December, the Honolulu Marathon (my first!).

I am now training for a half Ironman. The Honu Ironman 70.3, Hawaii, May 2015. I can't believe I've come this far in less than a year! I have seen great improvements in my fitness; a faster running pace, stronger cycling and can now swim further than ever before.

The training is tough but it's preparing me. Steve knows how to push individuals. He understands allowing the body enough time to adapt to a further distance or faster pace and then raises the level when it's appropriate. I have had no injuries throughout my training; of course some days are harder than others but I see the changes and feel the strength. Training with Steve has been an amazing experience and I'm excited to see what, with his help, I can accomplish.

An interesting fact about working with Steve is that he's my long distance coach, in more ways than one. I'm currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii. A lot of people are baffled by the fact that my trainer doesn't live close/train with me, but it works really well. I'm on a rotating schedule at my job, I can't stick to a regular training regimen week in and week out. I get a monthly training plan where I can see the workouts in advance and plan accordingly around my schedule. After every workout, we discuss what I did. I send him pictures from my phone app that records my rides and runs, write down all the weights I'm lifting and tell him how the swims go. This way he's in tune with my progress. We talk about how it felt, tells me if I need to lift more, he knows when I have tough days and when the training feels good; anytime I have questions I just shoot him a text. I use the internet to help me with form on exercises I've never performed and ask him for explanations as well. I love the freedom and versatility with this training plan and rely on Steve fully. He's had me ready for every race and whenever I'm struggling, he's supportive, encouraging but also tough and doesn't let me quit when I can do more.

If you want results and are willing to put in the work, Steve will help get you there. My next goal after completing an Ironman 70.3... A full Ironman. 140.6 mile triathlon. All in a days work. What I thought could only ever be a dream, is now becoming my reality.

2017 Events

3rd Place - Soda Creek Scramble

Grand Traverse Apsen, Colorado - 40 Mile Run, 40 Mile Mountain Bike Ride

Indian Peaks Xterra

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon

2nd Place Beginner Women's - Pennsylvania Gulch Grind Mountain Bike Race

Iron Man 70.3 St. George Utah

2016 Events

Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon (women only): swim 500m, bike 12mi, run 3.1mi
Placement: 6/131 overall Top 5%
1/13 division - F 25-29 1st place!

Maui Half Marathon: 13.1 miles
Placement: 111/1145 overall Top 10%
30/716 female finishers Top 4%
3/77 division - F 25-29 3rd place!

Honolulu Century Ride: 100 mile ride, not a race/not timed
Personal time: 6:30 total, 5:48 ride time

Honolulu Marathon: 26.2 miles
Placement: 1439/21815 overall Top 6%
283/10308 female finishers Top 3%
34/1332 division - F 25-29 Top 2.5%

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