After training hard for three years with Steve I knew that I needed and wanted more. I knew that I had to overcome my fear and get back on my track bike and I knew that I was not willing to do it alone. Steve has always believed in me more then I have ever believed in myself as an athlete. We decided that together we should do Master World Track Championships. I was terrified of failing yet crazy excited to get back on my bike.

August 2012 the journey began. I spent endless hours on my bike and in the gym training hard for October. My first day back on the track I can't explain to you the emotions I had running thru me. What it meant to me to be where I was and to have a coach that no matter what was there to push and believe in me. We spent many hours together on that track some great some not so great but always Steve was there to support me.

Every month we worked together to make my body and mind the strongest it has ever been. Every goal that he set out for me I achieved. I was able to increase my squat from 210 to 350! And take a second off my 500tt time.

I was strong fast and ready to race. Steve's coaching abilities were truly instrumental in my success. He is one of the most innovated people I have ever come across. His knowledge of the physical body and his desire to keep learning new and creative ways to train/coach people is what makes him the best out there.

I went to worlds and I placed third in the 500tt. When I was on the podium and they were raising the Canadian flag all I kept thinking was, "WE DID IT!"

Whatever you are looking for in a coach I know that Steve can take you there. He will push you and believe in you and yes he will get you up on that podium if you want it bad enough..

The track shoes well they have been hung up for good. My next adventure is a 400km Mt bike stage race in Nepal 2015 and I know that Steve will be right there with me pushing me to be my best but most important believing in me.

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